Allison Janney: 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Actress Allison Janney, 54, reveals to Us Weekly 25 things you may not have known about her.

1. I am the voice of Aly San San on Disneyland’s Star Tours Ride

2. My niece and nephew are both recent graduates of Harvard.

3. I am a bit of a fitness buff. I love hiking, long walks with my dog, and practicing Pilates.

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15 years later: ‘West Wing’ cast members, producer reflect on political show

On whether she thought the show would work:

“We knew it was brilliant writing. We thought it just wouldn’t work somehow because it was too smart. And I think that’s exactly what people loved about it.”

“It worked beyond our wildest dreams.”

On whether political environment in the country affected the show’s popularity:

“People get incredibly frustrated with politics. And Aaron Sorkin’s White House offered an antidote to what was going on in the world.”

On the show’s lasting impact:

“It’s rewarding for me to have people come up to me still to this day and say, ‘C.J., your character, made me change my major in college, and now I’m going into public service because of what you did.’ ”


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Gay Agenda: 10 Things We’re Eyeing In October

Web Therapy

While everyone’s buzzing about the return of The Comeback, it’s easy to forget that Lisa Kudrow is back on TV with the fourth season of Web Therapy. The show, which was created and is directed by Dan Bucatinsky and Don Roos, will feature guest appearances from Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Allison Janney, and Gwyneth Paltrow with Victor Garber and Lily Tomlin reprising their roles. (Showtime, Oct. 22)


Mom is now on DVD!

Since we have some time before Mom comes back on the air – remember the first season is on dvd – ORDER HERE

Allison to Host Episode 4 of PBS’s SHELTER ME Premiering This October

Actor and animal advocate Allison Janney is hosting “Shelter Me: New Beginnings,” the fourth episode of the inspiring national PBS series that celebrates shelter pets with positive and uplifting stories. Premiering in October, this one-hour, emotionally-charged episode focuses on two stories, including an aircraft transport of 128 shelter dogs to loving homes as well as a nationally recognized animal trainer who is implementing a first-of-its-kind doggie play group program in overcrowded city shelters.

“I am honored to host ‘Shelter Me’ and bring awareness to the thousands of loving pets in animal shelters across the country that need homes,” said Allison Janney. “I adopted three amazing dogs and they bring so much love and happiness to my life.”

The “Shelter Me” series was created by filmmaker Steven Latham who wants to break down the negative perceptions and stigmas of public animal shelters and help people realize that shelter pets make the best pets. “Shelter Me” is presented by Ellen DeGeneres’ pet food company, Halo, Purely for Pets, and together they are committed to the well-being of shelter pets.

In the first story of”Shelter Me: New Beginnings,” Aimee Sadler, anationally recognized animal trainer, teaches shelter staff and volunteers how to get their dogs to interact in play groups. The public shelters in Philadelphia and Baltimore are featured.These play groups allow for shelter dogs to be properly exercised and socialized, resulting in more adoptions.

The second story is about a transport of 128 dogs whose lives were saved from Southern California animal shelters. Volunteer pilots from Wings of Rescue flew them to Idaho, where they were all adopted into loving homes.

“Shelter Me: New Beginnings” premieres on public television stations on October 5. Please go to for local listings.

In addition, singer/songwriter Mindy Smithhas partnered with the show to produce “Songs For Shelter Me,” an 11-track compilation album to benefit shelter pets, which includes two of her songs from the new episode and is available October 7.


‘Mom’ & ‘The Millers’ Swap Time Slots For Fall In CBS Scheduling Change

However, CBS has been very committed to growing Mom. So the network will still replicate its plan of giving the sophomore sitcom an original Big Bang lead-in this fall. That will now happen on Thursday, with the Mom second season premiere on Oct. 30, following the first Big Bang on its regular night this fall. That leaves another sophomore, The Millers, previously slated to keep its Thursday 8:30 slot, homeless for the fall. That will be remedied by the show taking Mom’s Monday 8:30 PM berth starting Oct. 20, again providing a more male lead-in for Scorpion. The Millers will follow the last Monday original of Big Bang before 2 Broke Girls takes over the 8 PM slot the following week.

The switcheroo will be in place just for the fourth quarter, with Mom and The Millers returning to their originally planned slots in early January.