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Allison Janney and Chris Lowell, both of whom appeared in The Help, have joined Jessica Szohr and Rose McIver in Light Years, a romantic drama indie that began shooting this week in New York.

Maggie Kiley is directing the feature, which expands and builds upon the story she told with her award-winning short Some Boys Don’t Leave which starred Jesse Eisenberg. Kiley wrote the screenplay with Matthew Mullen.
Lowell is playing a boy who is heartbroken over a girl (McIver) and begins a relationship with Szohr’s character, though he can’t move past the one with whom he believes he is meant to be with. When he goes to work at an observatory, he meets an astronomer (Janney) who helps guide him back to the right path.
Clark Gregg and Peter Jacobson are also in the movie.
Paul Finkel and Jason Potash of What A World Productions are producing along with Kyle Heller and Gina Resnick under their VariEnt banner.
Janney recently wrapped Liberal Arts, Josh Radnor’s follow-up to his directorial debut Happythankyoumoreplease and has the indie Struck by Lightning in the can.

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  1. Mary McGinnis says:

    Allison’s performance on the Masters of Sex the other night (intake interview for test study applicants) was nothing short of remarkable! I love watching her work. She is so gifted!

  2. Colleen says:

    CB – as soon as I find information I will post it!

  3. CB says:

    How do I get tickets to a taping of the new CBS sitcom MOM?

  4. Mark Eastman says:

    Type your comment here.
    Saw “The Help” yesterday and thought you did GREAT JOB. How did they get someone so pretty to look so old; must have taken hours!
    The last scene with you and Emma Stone as your daughter was very moving. I think all of us would like to know that our Mothers are proud of us. Kudos to Kathryn Stockett!
    Mark Eastman

  5. amie says:

    So excited!!!!
    Can’t wait to watch it!
    Thanks for sharing 😉

  6. Joseph Deragon says:

    Shivvers, just listening to such a short piece in Mr. Sunshine. What a marvoulous voice.
    You almost had me in tears.

    God bless – Joseph

  7. Harold Brenner says:

    Saw you on Ellen. You are always a treat to watch. Glad that you repeat as her guest.
    Always fun. On a personal note….I bought a tiffani-type lamp at a store in Burbank, CA
    area. It has two palm trees with a hammock with lovers. I was told that you bought the
    stores other lamp. That was about 3 years agos. Do you still have it?.

  8. Tona says:

    Love the picture. I can’t wait for the show – hopefully it will be as good as I’m expecting with Allison and Matt.

  9. Julie says:

    Love this site Colleen – keep up the good work! Hope to see Allison on IPS again soon!!

  10. Jen says:

    Yes she was absoutely amazing in this role!!! It should of been on longer, I would have killed to have seen it again!

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Colleen   Nov 19, 2011