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Some new photos in the Admiring Allison Janney Gallery from last night’s Creative Arts Emmys.

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Margo is a character who is frustrated with her life. How did you connect to and express her tension and anxiety?

I was very struck by the film’s metaphor of gravity disappearing and whether or not you decide to hold on or let go. I was struck by Margo’s character wanting to let go in the beginning. She’s at an impasse. Her connectivity to the world is gone. Her family is shattered and she has no control over it. I’ve felt that — where I’ve wanted to let go — both as an actress and as a human. I have moments when I just can’t deal with it and I want to go and run away.

Through her experience with Tallulah and the baby, she’s found a new reason to stay. As an actress, I wanted to show that arc. I thought it was beautiful. I had an image of a friend going through a divorce and I was struck by her bed: where her husband use to sleep were her books. When I met with Sian, we put that in the movie. I think the humanity of Margo really resonated with me. I wanted to portray her.


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The Warner Archive Collection has just announced the DVD release of Mom – The Complete 3rd Season on August 30th. This MOD (manufacture on demand) set comes on 3 discs, starring Emmy-winning Allison Janney (The West Wing, Masters of Sex, Finding Dory) and Anna Faris (Scary Movie films, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs films, Friends). Priced at $29.99 SRP, you’ll get all 22 episodes in plenty of time to catch up before the fourth season begins to air on TV this fall.


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Awesome news – we have a new look and theme for Admiring Allison!

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You currently star in “Mom,” and your new movie, “Tallulah,” explores a lot of issues about motherhood. I wanted to ask you about not having children yourself, though it’s one of those things you don’t ask a man. I know what it feels like to love and care about things, but I’ve never had that instinct to have kids. There’s a friend of mine who just graduated from high school, and I was at her party with all these little kids, and she was like, “I can’t wait to have kids!” At her age, I was thinking, I can’t wait to have a dog. I really am at peace with not being a mom.

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