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I’ve added one photo from Allison’s visit to Gayle King’s show today.

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Thanks to Andrea for the heads up, you can listen to Allison on Kallaway on the Rise HERE

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he film version of The Help—the novel by Kathryn Stockett about African-American maids and the white women who employ them in sixties Mississippi—got made with a lot of help from friends. Stockett is close with the director, Tate Taylor; among Taylor’s pals is Allison Janney, who got a look at the novel before it was published and thought it would be great to play the role she eventually got: Charlotte, the mother of the main character, an aspiring writer named Skeeter Phelan (played by Emma Stone). Janney spoke with Rachel Bertsche.

It’s fitting that this film about women’s tangled relationships is itself a product of people who know each other.
Exactly! I love that this whole project is about friendship and loyalty. That’s not a story you hear very often in Hollywood. Kathryn wanted Tate to direct it, and he and [producer] Brunson Green are friends, and they produced it. And Octavia Spencer, who plays Minny, is a dear friend of Tate and Kathryn’s. She was the inspiration for the character in the book, too.

How are Stockett and Taylor friends?
They grew up in the same town, and he’s steeped in that whole world.

And you and Taylor go way back?
I’ve been in every movie he’s ever done, including some that were pretty low-budget.

Did you always want to play Charlotte?
Well, I didn’t assume I would get to be in this. I certainly read the part of Charlotte and went, “Oh, boy, I’d love to play her.”

The novel was such a book-club phenomenon; are you worried about overprotective fans?
There were so many parts of the story I’m sure he wanted to keep, but I think most fans will be pleased. The biggest story lines and characters are there.

This was all filmed in Mississippi?
Yes. The food was unbelievably good. But there was the heat and bugs. One of my funniest moments was driving from the airport: It was night, and all of a sudden, I heard this tremendous downpour. And I said, “Boy, you know, I didn’t see that storm coming,” and this Teamster said, “It’s just bugs.” I was like, “Are you kidding me?”


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I’ve put up three MQ photos of Allison attending the special screening of “The Help” last night.

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They’ve released a new clip from “The Help” featuring Allison!

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If you haven’t yet, be sure to catch Allison’s movie now out on DVD, Life During Wartime.

Life During Wartime Blu-ray – Indie provocateur Todd Solondz (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Happiness) weaves a bizarre stars Ally Sheedy, Shirley Henderson and Allison Janney as a trio of sisters who deal with their dysfunctional family and relationships. Darkly humorous and often head-scratching, the film consists of fantastic moments that aren’t always interconnected. The Criterion disc includes a Solondz interview, making-of documentary, cinematographer discussion and tribute booklet.

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Big thanks to Jen we’ve got three new stills for “The Help” up.

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The switch means the film, based on Kathryn Stockett’s runaway best seller, will open on a Wednesday. By going out midweek, DreamWorks hopes to capitalize on strong word-of-mouth.

DreamWorks has begun screening the film in earnest to various groups, and reports great reaction.

The Help was directed by Tate Taylor, Stockett’s longtime friend, and stars Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Octavia Spencer, Mike Vogel and Allison Janney.

Disney will distribute the film through its Touchstone label. The Help was fully produced and financed by DreamWorks and Participant Media.


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Variety reported Tuesday that Allison Janey best known for her snarky roles in “West Wing,” “Mr. Sunshine,” and “In Plain Sight” has been confirmed to play Chris Colfer’s Mom in a movie that Colfer wrote “Struck By Lightning.” Young Colfer best known for his role as a struggling gay teen on “Glee” wrote the script which opens with Colfer’s character behing struck and killed by a bolt of lightning followed by flashback that show him blackmailing classmates into contributing to a literary magazine he’s published. Shooting starts in July in LA during his summer hiatus from “Glee.”