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Allison and Mom are up for People’s Choice Awards – Vote for Mom and Vote for Allison

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New event photos added to the Admiring Allison Janney Gallery from the 19th Annual HRC National Dinner.

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“Spy” is another comedy designed less as a coherent movie than one meant to let Melissa McCarthy exhibit her skillful comedy chops. The spy caper, however, is more successful than some of her past endeavors, and for the most part, the Paul Feig-directed film deals a fair amount of laughs.

McCarthy plays Susan, who despite her training is stuck at a desk at CIA headquarters, where she is constantly dismissed when not overlooked completely. Her real job is aiding someone seen as a real spy (Jude Law), but he — using his charm — must rely on Susan for information.

Inevitably, Susan does end up in the field, where her talents — and McCarthy’s — come to the fore, donning numerous amusing disguises. Nothing makes sense in the plot, but if you like watching the talented actress being funny, that’s enough.


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BIGGEST Congrats to Allison for her win tonight!

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Some new photos up in the Admiring Allison Janney Gallery from last night’s 2015 Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

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What was the moment like when they called your name?
I couldn’t take in air because first of all I was trying to look good in my tight, gold, Pamela Dennis dress — the sequins on the side were digging into my skin. I was in such pain. I have never been so overwhelmed and terrified in my life. It was the first win for “West Wing.” I was the first category up for “West Wing,” so I just felt electricity from all the people in my section. It was completely overwhelming and I’m getting chills thinking about it.

What else happened that night?
I remember making the choice to sit on Martin (Sheen)’s lap backstage. It was in the tabloids like “best ass.” I was like “Holy shit!” It made me look so curvaceous, but I actually don’t have much of an ass at all — especially by today’s standards of what a good ass is — it’s really lacking. But that picture made it look like I had a really voluptuous ass. It was just a camera angle and the dress, and it’s a very funny picture.

Full Interview

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Emmy- and Oscar-winning actress Ellen Burstyn has landed a whopper of a guest role on Season 3 of Mom — where she’ll play Shirley, the woman who gave birth to Allison Janney’s Bonnie, TVLine has learned.
“She plays Bonnie’s biological mother,” Janney revealed to TVLine Monday night at CBS’ TCA bash, adding that the character’s reappearance — Shirley abandoned her daughter at age four, and hasn’t laid eyes on her since — “upends” Bonnie’s relationship with her own offspring Christy (Anna Faris).