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If you haven’t yet, be sure to catch Allison’s movie now out on DVD, Life During Wartime.

Life During Wartime Blu-ray – Indie provocateur Todd Solondz (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Happiness) weaves a bizarre stars Ally Sheedy, Shirley Henderson and Allison Janney as a trio of sisters who deal with their dysfunctional family and relationships. Darkly humorous and often head-scratching, the film consists of fantastic moments that aren’t always interconnected. The Criterion disc includes a Solondz interview, making-of documentary, cinematographer discussion and tribute booklet.

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Thank to the AMAZING Allsion for ending over a couple of new photos from Aspen Food & Wine.

June 20th: 28th Annual FOOD & WINE Classic In Aspen – Day 4

She also sent over a review of “Life During Wartime” giving HUGE praises for Allison.

Aiding the script are excellent performances, anchored by Allison Janney’s turn as Trish, the oldest of three sisters searching for peace of mind. Janney earned high praise and awards for her regular role on NBC’s The West Wing, and she’s one of the best things in otherwise dubious films (Away We Go, Juno). Without putting too fine a point on it, Janney is amazing in Life During Wartime, and deserves some major kudos for her performance. She’s simultaneously the most absurd and most compassionate character, as a troubled single mother trying to rebuild her family, even though her ex-husband is a convicted child molester. It’s not the stuff of easy comedy, or tragedy, but Janney finds the balance in every one of her scenes. See the film (which opens July 23 in theaters and VOD), and see what I’m talking about. So, is there a chance for Janney and the screenplay of Life During Wartime to get recognition for these achievements? As speculative as this may be, I hope so.

Life During Wartime as a Contender

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“Life During Wartime” Allison’s 2009 movie, is being released in the UK and Belgium this month, and there’s a new trailer for it.